The WiFi system in the Vietnam International Motor Show 2016 challenges the huge sound system

For high-tech exhibition events or concerts the program is held outdoors. Sound systems must always be devices with extremely large output power, the ability to play loud and loud sounds. That is one of the fundamental difficulties in conducting installation of WiFi systems in events like this.

The reason is that when the audio system works, the bursting broadcast power will disturb the wave connections in the 2.4 GHz transmission band, making tablet, laptop or mobile phone devices unable to connect. With WiFi signal deployed, if important work is missed, users will feel uncomfortable

The solution is to find a type of  wifi device with strong transmission power to overcome the obstacle of a loud sound system, to avoid access interference and to help make the connection at all times.

The ability to automatically roaming also makes customers feel more professional than other competitors. This is a function that is very suitable for unwanted customers who, when moving through different areas, have to turn off the connection and search for other devices with stronger waves.

The visibility of many different devices displayed by a single access address (SSID) saves customers from having to learn the passwpord multiple times. It is known that 1 display SSID can be used for the entire system, customers only need to enter the password once, the whole system will connect to you in turn even if the customer is going from the 1st floor. Go up to the 20th floor and still stay connected 24/7, still use WiFi with great capacity and perfect quality.

Coming to the event MotorShow 2016. The huge sound system is ready to interfere with the connection signal from WiFi devices at any time when it is turned on. WiCell is present in a total of 12 WiFi installation points including press area, opening ceremony area and famous Automotive booths such as BMW, Lamborghini, Nissan, Mercedes,…

Pictures at the event about our WiFi system installation

WiCell DWR 80 device used in the Exhibition

2 WiCell DWR 80 and WiCell WAP 80 high-end WiCell brand devices

WiCell technicians are doing the installation work

MAP 700 equipment at Lamborghini car booth

Check the WiFi connection at the BMW Automotive booth. Accessing the homepage only takes 1s in very loud sound wave condition