Information technology develops rapidly and dramatically, every day, dozens of new applications or solutions are born. This brings certain conveniences to businesses that know how to apply it properly, such as barcode scanning applications to check the availability of goods, applied in warehouses in supermarkets, commercial centers. trade, or use mobile applications to manage transactions and the volume of goods coming in and out more quickly.

The common point of all IT solutions is a strong and transparent Internet platform. To ensure the signal mechanism and network transmission are always in good state and stable operation continuously. In addition, the network connection can be used to activate camera hotspots for the factory area with great productivity and extremely long range. A series of new technology solution features have been developed and widely applied.

01. Power 1000 mW – Extremely strong wave, Excellent wall penetration ability

In warehouses and factories, due to complicated terrain, equipment and machinery everywhere requires wifi devices to have extremely strong capacity, extremely good ability to penetrate walls, to be able to cover the entire area.
WICELL’s Hybrid Wi-Fi Mesh devices are equipped with a capacity of up to 1000 mW, the strongest broadcast power on the market today.
Besides, WICELL transmitters are very flexible in replacing antennas to best suit each specific terrain.



02. Full Roaming – Smart wave roaming mechanism as fast as mobile

Due to the nature of work in warehouses and factories. We always have to move devices that use the network. Requires wifi transmitters and mobile devices to always ensure a stable – fast – strong connection.
Thanks to the Hybrid Wi-Fi Mesh system’s intelligent automatic roaming mechanism, devices using the network are always connected to the nearest and strongest base stations.

03. Good anti-interference

Warehouses and factories are places with relatively high interference environments due to the electromagnetic radiation emitted by operating machinery. Besides, acoustic noise inside factories, warehouses, echoes from surrounding obstacles are the causes of interference.

In such environments, the wifi signal often shows signs of slowness, sometimes strong, sometimes weak, significantly reducing the quality of wifi service.

Wi-Fi devices of WICELL support 802.11 ac running in the 5.8 GHz band to minimize interference from the environment.

 04. Support 100% wireless connection – stable link – high speed
It can be said that wiring work in warehouse areas and factories that have been put into operation is an extremely difficult and expensive problem due to complicated terrain, equipment and machinery that are always moving and operating continuously. Hybrid Wi-Fi Mesh device using TDMA technology allows us to connect 100% wirelessly and completely automatically, but the link is always stable, the speed is still almost the same as the wired network speed.

 05. Supports most current best security methods
When it comes to wireless networks, many people often worry about security issues. However, when you use Hybrid Wi-Fi Mesh devices, your system will be best protected thanks to the integration of most of today’s best security methods such as: 802.11x (authentication via RADIUS).
In addition, WICELL devices are also integrated with a powerful Firewall system. Fully monitor the user’s entry and exit in the most optimal way.
Besides, WICELL devices also support most other security standards for older devices such as WEP, WAP, WAP2, …


06. Supports the latest Wi-Fi standard today 802.11ac – Speeds up to 1.2 Gb
Wi-Fi 802.11 ac will give 3 times higher speed than Wi-Fi 802.11n at the same number of streams. Speeds can be up to 1.2 Gb.
802.11ac Wi-Fi supports channels with 20MHz, 40MHz, 80MHz bandwidth that will hold more data.
Wi-Fi 802.11 ac has wider coverage
Besides, Wi-Fi 802.11 ac operates in the 5.8GHz band, so it has better anti-interference ability.


07. Industrial standard design against dirt, ambient temperature

WICELL equipment lines are designed according to industrial standards IP65, IP67, MIL-STD, so they are capable of operating well in dusty, high temperature environmental conditions inside factories and warehouses. Lifespan can be up to 5-7 years

08. Support centralized monitoring management through central controller
All WICELL devices support centralized monitoring through a central controller. Minimize the IT department in managing each device

 09. Support 2 types of power supply POE and Adapter
We can take advantage of the existing network line to both power the device and transmit data without pulling an additional power line. Or in places where there is only power, but no additional network lines, you can rest assured by supplying power on the spot, using the wireless MESH mechanism.

10. Ability to automatically Reboot after a certain period of operation
When the equipment operates continuously in harsh environments with lots of dust and high temperature such as inside the factory area, the factory will make the equipment less efficient than normal.
Now with the AUTO REBOOT feature you can easily control their startup easily without having to be on duty, monitor, and your system will operate cooler, more durable.

Specialized products used in this solution:  

– Wicell Mesh Bridge Series: MB26, MB18-PA23IN, MB18, MB16, MB12
– Wicell Smart Cloud AP Series: IAP-AC1800, IAP-AC1200, IAP-AC750
– Wicell Enterprise Mesh AP: M3235, M2225, S3235, S0265, S0245, S2235-PA15IN, S2235, S2225
– Wicell Carrier Outdoor Mesh AP: AIZ-2125, AI-0285, AI-2295, AI-2265