Today, the Internet boom has developed and spread around the world densely, present in most of the developed and developing countries in the world. At the same time, due to geographical characteristics and a number of reasons, there are still some areas without internet due to difficulties in deploying transmission cable infrastructure such as mountainous areas, sea islands, rural areas. remote remote area. Today’s modern wireless transmission technologies are the most ideal solution to solve these problems and difficulties in a more wonderful way. The long-range WiFi transmission solution to replace telecommunications cable infrastructure as the backbone network is one of the most useful measures thanks to the combination of advanced technologies that are increasingly breaking the limits of distance, providing large bandwidth without being affected by physical conditions.

The solution helps ISP and Telecom service providers to easily provide Internet signals to residential areas with infrastructure obstacles, and can also be applied in other fields such as military and national defense. public security…

 01. Excellent connection distance

The extremely powerful  1000 – 2000 mW  transmission power of the  WiCell Super Bridge series combines a dedicated high-gain antenna for a range of waves and connections up to more than 30 Km.


02. Easy to deploy and expand

From Internet and Telecom service providers, it is possible to expand to many points and areas to use the service according to the Point – Point model (between the two ISPs and the customer) or Point – Multipoint (between the ISP and many customers). goods) without deploying cable pulling, quick installation time.

 03. TDMA Technology

TDMA  (Time Division Multiple Access) technology is a time division access technology that allows the creation of tracks (slots) on fixed time point/multipoint poing-to-point/multipoint channels for users to help data transfer. User’s receipt is always smooth and stable.


04. Extremely large connection bandwidth

Transceiver stations operate on a wide frequency band from 4.9 to 5.8 GHz combined with 802.11ac WiFi technology for a bandwidth between 2 points of over 500 Mbps, meeting for many users to use at the same time on a backbone line.


   Specialized products used in this solution:

– Wicell Mesh Bridge Series: MB26, MB18-PA23IN, MB18, MB16, MB12
– Wicell Smart Cloud AP Series: IAP-AC1800, IAP-AC1200, IAP-AC750
– Wicell Enterprise Mesh AP: M3235, M2225, S3235, S0265, S0245, S2235-PA15IN, S2235, S2225
– Wicell Carrier Outdoor Mesh AP: AIZ-2125, AI-0285, AI-2295, AI-2265