WiFi marketing is widely developed and used. The WiFi Marketing model has proven its role in participating in effective user information collection campaigns. The main advantage of WiFi Marketing is to bring quality customer data, provide information on marketing and advertising programs with the cheapest marketing costs, quick marketing plans and effective communication.

WiCell is one of the leading companies in WiFi Marketing solutions in Vietnam market, with a large customer base of businesses, medium and large companies, providing more WiFi Marketing solutions becomes easier than other companies. The company just started research. The creation of a powerful and professional management information system is now integrated with an advertising function to introduce products directly to target users, while ensuring the provision of quality WiFi services, and at the same time implementing corporate advertising goals.

 01. Multiple Internet lines

Wicell devices operate at the same time on multiple Internet lines such as LAN, cloud or WAP, which helps devices using WiFi Marketing to achieve maximum broadcast time and broadcast productivity. This is guaranteed.

02. Super fast transmission
With the most advanced WiFi standard today is 802.11 ac / n. The transmission problem is completely guaranteed to be extremely fast and extremely stable. At the same time, the point-to-point reception mechanism helps the entire wireless connection system to create the most powerful transmission lines, allowing the loss of less than 10%. Transmit power of 1,000 mW or speeds of up to 1166 Mbps are the best measured figures.


 03. Put in an easy-to-manage service
If other WiFi Marketing utilities are always located outside the business (in the cloud) for fast transmission speed, at WiCell for Marketing, this data system can also be placed on the internal service to help easily manage and avoid risks. risk or transmission problems on these clouds. Ensure stable and continuous management access for your business’s WiFi Marketing system, which is easy and convenient.

04. Works in LAN, WAP, cloud

 As mentioned, WiCell for Marketing works strongly, flexibly and uniformly on local LAN, international transmission lines (cloud) and WAP. These systems support each other’s advantages and are ready to replace each other if any of the systems has problems, ensuring users operate smoothly. If the cloud makes the speed faster, the LAN and WAP make the system more stable.

 05. Diversified and trend-leading advertising ecosystem

For media advertising, leading the trend is extremely important. WiCell also provides interactive solutions with potential users by effective marketing tools such as: Collect data, Download applications, Click Website, Click banners, Watch videos, Facebook solutions, .. ..
Enterprises self-manage and choose marketing methods suitable to their characteristics and advertising purposes

06. Put on the cloud for faster speed
Cloud is a powerful system for faster transmission when placing services in the cloud. This cloud-based transmission allows the transmission rate to be more than 90% efficient compared to the device (10% loss is always present in all network transmission systems).

With a fast, powerful and efficient broadcasting mechanism and intelligent connection management system, it reduces the risk of the whole system to as low as 0%. WiFi Marketing is a new advertising trend that many businesses are interested in today and WiCell Marketing is the leading trusted partner and expert in building the best wireless network and transmission line in Vietnam today.


   Specialized products used in this solution:

– Wicell Mesh Bridge Series: MB26, MB18-PA23IN, MB18, MB16, MB12
– Wicell Smart Cloud AP Series: IAP-AC1800, IAP-AC1200, IAP-AC750
– Wicell Enterprise Mesh AP: M3235, M2225, S3235, S0265, S0245, S2235-PA15IN, S2235, S2225
– Wicell Carrier Outdoor Mesh AP: AIZ-2125, AI-0285, AI-2295, AI-2265