Public security and defense issues are currently being of primary concern in the general development trend of modern society. The rapid population growth poses a problem of managing and monitoring the behavior of people in society to ensure a safe and civilized society as well as improve the country’s security and defense capabilities. . Wireless surveillance camera solutions bring many benefits in deployment as well as easy scalability, flexibility to switch monitoring locations, high efficiency in investment costs and suitable for monitoring requirements. close to one location for a short period of time.

WiCell’s wireless network solution enables the establishment of an optimal speed, efficiency, and cost-effective outdoor wireless surveillance network over a large area for applications in areas such as traffic monitoring. , public security and national security.

01. Easy and quick expansion of monitoring points

WiCell’s  Dynamic Mesh Bridging  technology allows base stations to connect wirelessly with each other automatically forming a wave grid system that transmits video signals to the center without having to pull cables to each station. Combined with WiCell’s advanced Smart Birding technology to improve system availability, when a hub loses signal, the devices will automatically switch over to connect to another nearby station to help monitor images. Monitoring from the remaining stations is always maintained continuously.

02. Flexible monitoring and high mobility
The wireless connection makes monitoring positions flexibly changed without having to spend a lot of time switching, without affecting image quality. Moreover,  Smart Roaming technology allows monitoring to be able to move and transmit images continuously between base stations without interrupting the transmitted image.

 03. Provides large bandwidth for stable image quality and 100% anti-interference
Supports the latest technology WiFi standard IEEE 802.11 ac/n operating on 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz bands at the same time for a maximum bandwidth of up to 1200 Mbps for ultra-fast transmission of high-quality images HD/FHD No worries about bandwidth congestion, along with the device’s anti-interference ability on the 5.8 GHz band to keep the data connection stable and transparent.




04. Ultra-fast Multicast support technology
The technology that supports Multicast protocols helps images to be transmitted continuously without losing packets on the transmission line, and at the same time reproduces the image signals quickly and fully to enhance the image display quality. images as well as motion without interruption. 


  Specialized products used in this solution:

– Wicell Mesh Bridge Series: MB26, MB18-PA23IN, MB18, MB16, MB12
– Wicell Smart Cloud AP Series: IAP-AC1800, IAP-AC1200, IAP-AC750
– Wicell Enterprise Mesh AP: M3235, M2225, S3235, S0265, S0245, S2235-PA15IN, S2235, S2225
– Wicell Carrier Outdoor Mesh AP: AIZ-2125, AI-0285, AI-2295, AI-2265