Wicell Network Vietnam has experience in implementing hundreds of large and small projects of enterprises, owns a team of highly qualified and skilled professional engineers and technicians with IT university degrees, MCSA certificates. , MCSE, CCNA, CCNP

The works performed by us all comply with strict standards and regulations based on the criteria of safety, certainty, long-term use value and aesthetics.

Services provided:

  • Provide personnel for construction and installation of network equipment and infrastructure.
  • Provide construction supervision personnel, responsible for inspection and quality assurance of works.
  • Provide consulting and project management personnel.
  • Provide specialized installation materials.

Design standards:

  • Designed according to international standards ANSI-TIA-EIA for UTP to fiber optic copper cabling systems (Fiber Optic).
  • The network system is designed and applied in accordance with the management structure and takes into account the development of scale for the highly supportive enterprise.

Execution plan:

  • Technical design
  • Work deployment plan
  • List of enforcement personnel
  • Report results in stages
  • As-built drawings and technical documents are finished when construction is completed

With experience in designing and building many large-scale network systems in Vietnam, we are completely confident to be a reliable company for the system projects that your company needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us here now if you want to learn more, or plan to do so.