Products Wifi, Camera and IoT of Wicell Network has confirmed the superior quality and head of the product line is trusted in the market. We pioneered the application of cloud computing for central administration and combined with artificial intelligence algorithms to create products that work intelligently and are very stable.

Wicell Platform provides a comprehensive solution from product – connection management – monitoring in many Internet connection applications, IP-based digital content, IP Camera, Automation, IoT, IPTV, …

Wicell Network is ready to cooperate and invest with service providers such as telecommunications, Internet services, IP-based digital service providers with complete technologies and solutions, Wi-Fi, cameras, IoT.

Forms of cooperation

  • Cooperation in providing value-added services on existing products/services of service providers
  • Technology Service Providers provide products/technology to their customers
  • Integrate with service provider technologies/services with Wicell technologies into more comprehensive solutions
  • Coordinating technology/services of both parties to invest in profit-sharing projects.

Wicell Network Vietnam willing to exchange any form of cooperation with Service Providers.


  1. Confidentiality of the partnership plan
  2. The ability to supply a large number of equipment
  3. Respect partners absolutely and be honest in business
  4. Active in technology and warranty components in Vietnam
  5. Strong finance ensures long-term cooperation
  6. There is a customer support center

We are looking forward to receiving the trust and cooperation of the Service Provider.