Equipment rental service or complete system Wi-Fi, camera, IoT with operation and user support specialists to ensure perfect operation during the project, event or customer’s request.

Service pack brings

  • Perfectly meet the requirements and short-term goals of the project with the technology system and professional operating unit
  • Pay only the rental cost without worrying about incurring any other costs
  • Get a commitment to quality technology and service

Services provided to objects

  • Festivals – Events – Stadiums – Product Introduction
  • Expo
  • Seminars
  • Training Center
  • Playground
  • Service or business chain
  • The need for long-range wireless data transmission
  • Demand for mobile data network deployment in security, protection, aviation, port, automation, smart city, sensor-controlled industries
  • ………..

Supply technology system

  1. Dedicated wifi system:
    Extremely large bandwidth wifi system to meet terrible connection
    Indoor and outdoor wifi coverage with Matrix mesh technology
    Wireless connection point-to-point, point-to-multipoint Mesh Bridge technology
    Professional wifi marketing system and customer care system
    Convenient user management system with many advanced methods
    Internet load balancing system up to 12 internet fiber lines
    Cloud computing centralized management system for multiple deployment points
  1. IP Camera System
    Provide indoor and outdoor IP Cameras with diverse and specialized configurations
    Dedicated server-type recorder system from 12 to 48 hard drives and technology to combine server recorders with up to dozens of servers
    Support centralized or distributed image storage technology over IP
    Dedicated image analysis system
  1. IoT System
    Set up data backbone network for IoT using LORA . technology
    Provide sensors for industrial and civil
    Centralized administration system in the cloud or in the intranet

The above system includes network devices such as Router, Switch, Firewall, server….