There are many reasons why the implementation of the WiFi/Camera system when put into operation is not effective due to:

  • Not understanding the project requirements thoroughly
  • The initial survey and testing was sketchy.
  • Lack of practical experience and in-depth knowledge,
  • Consulting equipment is not suitable or choose the wrong technology, equipment
  • Not enough knowledge about telecommunications network to advise customers well,

When implementing the project

Some of the main factors that affect system performance are:

  • There are no detailed technical blueprints
  • Construction is not standard or inexperienced
  • Poor professional knowledge should not properly configure the technology
  • No or too little experience in the implementation process
  • Other causes…

Wicell Network Vietnam provides consulting services for technical design and deployment and installation of WiFi/camera network systems for all sizes according to customer requirements. With more than 20 years of experience in the WiFi/Camera field, we have excellent experts and technicians to help you build an efficient, stable, cost-effective WiFi/Camera network system. reasonable in accordance with the requirements of the Customer.

We specialize in consulting and designing the following Wi-Fi/Camera solutions:

  • Smart City, digital transformation projects
  • Hotel, Resort, Building, School, Hospital, Tourist Area, Office
  • Factory, Production facility, Warehouse, Seaport
  • Long range data transmission distance from 10 – 20 Km
  • Outdoor, Indoor and Mobile Wireless Surveillance Camera Systems
  • Halls, large events with thousands of attendees
  • Internet/data service providers and IP-based digital content
  • Professional WiFi Marketing

Wicell Network Vietnam is very pleased to accompany you as a responsible, reputable and fully qualified Technical Design Consultant with real knowledge and experience for any requirements and project scale.