Another success in deploying high-speed wifi system service for big events – Vietnam Network

The end of the year is an important period in the introduction and sale of apartment projects in the real estate sector. The application of IT for sales is a special highlight of the event, in order to bring convenience to customers immediately, check the sales status for a large number of sales staff and interact with the department. order processing department via high speed wifi wireless connection

On December 10, 2016, Vietnam Network Technology Company successfully deployed the “Wifi network" of Wicell Network with high speed of 1750 Mbps -2 bands of 2.4 Ghz -5 Ghz standard 802.11 ac/b/g/n to using  sales software system during the opening ceremony of the semi-detached apartment phase 2 of Dream Home Palace project –  District 8 organized by Dream House Real Estate Company and Japanese partner – Global Group at Adora Convention Center (District 5).

The number of installed devices is 5 wifi devices, each device allows the average number of users to access is 150-200, broadcasting standards  the latest technology 3×3 MU-MIMO dedicated support for conferences with the number of sales staff up to nearly 300. The goal is to use Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop devices to place orders and immediately check the status of sold apartment information and deposit. or the remaining amount in real time

Event execution information:

  • Coverage area of the hall: 1200 m2
  • Number of sales staff accessing sales software: 300
  • Actual response speed for each user: average is 80 Mbps, maximum is 400 Mbps

Application technology information

  • Hybrid wifi mesh technology
  • The product used is MAP700 and Controller RS4000
  • smart wave roaming application like mobile when sales staff’s mobile devices move across multiple locations to sell.
  • Application of load balancing technology for the number of users on the total number of wifi stations in the hall (user load balance).
  • anti-interference technology: often wifi systems are often interfered with by theatrical sound systems, making the wifi system completely crippled. With Wicell technology, it is possible to eliminate 100% of these problems.


The system works extremely fast and stable with speeds from 80 Mbps to 400 Mbps for each salesperson using a tablet computer to connect to the sales software. With a number of nearly 300 employees accessing the system via wifi, it has proven that Wicell’s wifi solution is the leading specialized solution in deploying, wireless transmission using the internet, sales and management software for events. event a very large number of connections.

The solution and  Wicell equipment  have been trusted to serve  for many events with wide coverage such as exhibition centers, outdoor events, large halls and handling the number of visitors up to several thousand results. Simultaneous high-speed connection for internet and software applications such as sales, games, entertainment … . deserves a reliable and comprehensive wifi service solution for all sizes of events.

Wicell services for events include high-speed transmission wifi system, multiple Internet connection systems and dedicated data routing, wifi marketing system with full service for advertising and professional statistics.

Here are some pictures during the installation of the wifi system at this Real Estate Conference.

WiCell is the partner providing WiFi System at DreamHome Palace Real Estate Conference
WiCell engineering is in the process of installing equipment
WiCell technicians test and monitor WiFi systems

Computer devices connect to mobile devices such as Smartphone, Tablet via wifi network – Wicell to process orders in real time.

Software used for consultation during the Workshop. High-speed WiFi connection ensures stable signal